• Use Slappuk intelligent training
    Use Slappuk for
    intelligent training
  • Develop the body using Slappuk
    Develop the body
    running, ball games and gymnastics using Slappuk

Combine challenges with fun during training.

Training should / need not be boring.

Integrate Slappuk in physical education or in sports club training, so that movement and fun can reach a higher level.

The system can be used for speed and endurance training for elite athletes, but also for group play where all can be included.

The pucks can be fixed to posts or to surfaces where ferrous metal is found, for example doors or signs made of iron.  It is possible to buy different metal mountings if required.In this way you can form  Slappuk to meet your needs.

  • Red/green slappuk game
    Endurance training

    Can you hold your puck and get hold of the other teams puck? Playing red / green guarantees thorough endurance (cardio vascular) training.

  • Timing running activities
    Timing running activities

    Slappuks inbuilt RFID reader means you can register both people and time. You can have relays, running events both competitive or not, and of course orienteering.

  • Obstacle course
    Obstacle course

    Who was fastest? Use Slappuk for both individual training or competition between each other.

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