• Slappuk takes a part in the game Intelligent communication with light, sound and movement
    Slappuk takes a part in the game
    Intelligent communication with light, sound and movement

This is how Slappuk works

The philosophy behind the Slappuk system is based on both stimulus and response.

Stimulus is the input a player gives  to a puck when he or she is in contact with that puck. The response is the answer given by the puck. Our pucks react to touch, movement/ shaking  and the RFID card reader, and can answer with sound or light signals.

The tablet decides

Each puck sends information ( wirelessly ) to the tablet which then decides which puck will reply. In this way the tablet controls the game, and it can also display the results as the game develops.

Stimuli & response

Possible stimuli are

  • Touch

    Slappuk has two touch sensors. One reacts to direct touch similar to when you touch a smartphone. The other uses infra red and reacts, for example to being struck by a ball, a drumstick or similar.

  • Movement or shaking

    Slappuk can sense a blow or movement, and also how the puck is placed in the room. The sensors can also be used switch a single puck on or off.

  • RFID

    The RFID reader works in the same way as  for example a travel card at a station. This makes it possible to register participants and their time at a race or orienteering event.

Possible Answers are
  • Light

    Slappuk can react with light in all of the rainbows colours.  Each puck has 12 light diodes that can be controlled individually or in different patterns.  In this way you can achieve delightful waves of light from soft pastel colours to hard primary colours.

  • Sound

    Slappuk can  also send short or longer sounds such as ping, plock, tractor start, alarm siren, telephone ring tones and also tones from musical scales.


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